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Alkaline fasting cure Bad Kissingen
Alkaline fasting cure in Bad Kissingens Laudensacks Parkhotel & Retreat

Healthy enjoyment in Laudensacks Parkhotel & Retreat with our alkaline fasting offer.

With us you will find the ideal mix of cuisine, exercise and relaxation for your perfect alkaline treatment in Bad Kissingen.

Alkaline fasting balances out the rather acidic everyday life and promotes the removal of “waste substances” from the body. This allows the body to reactivate its metabolism, regenerate itself and lose weight at the same time.



  • Sebastian Wurster - osteopath, pain therapist and fasting leader with us in Laudensacks Parkhotel & Retreat
  • Sebastian Wurster

    Sebastian Wurster - osteopath, pain therapist and fasting leader at the Laudensacks Parkhotel & Retreat - has been able to observe countless positive effects on well-being in the almost 20 years in which he has accompanied people in nutritional therapy and alkaline fasting treatments. Because nutrition makes a decisive contribution to health.

    Alkaline food from the gourmet kitchen

    Our kitchen prepares varied and enjoyable dishes every day that the body metabolizes in an alkaline manner. Acid-forming foods such as meat, sausage and sugar are avoided. An alkaline diet usually has an impact on your well-being after a short time: you gain new momentum and feel fitter than before.


  • Experience reports with alkaline fasting
  • Here are just two of the many reports of experiences with alkaline fasting:

    I've been a vegetarian for over 10 years and thought I was eating healthily and wasn't overweight, but I've had joint pain for a long time. This also got me into a vegetarian diet, but with limited success.

    After 1 week of alkaline fasting I already felt the first successes - not only less pain, but I was also fitter and the good thing is that I never had to go hungry!

    I then added a second week and have been almost pain-free since then. That was 3 years ago.

    Since then, I have been taking the treatment twice a year and undergoing intensive treatment during this time. As a result, I can move again and my quality of life has increased enormously

    Thank you dear Mr. Wurster, thank you to your team!

    Heidi S. from Düsseldorf


    The day came when I was ready with my back and hip pain, as well as my constant sciatica problems. After unsuccessfully going through orthopedists, alternative practitioners and acupuncture, becoming an osteopath seemed inevitable to me as the last glimmer of hope.

    At my first appointment with Sebastian Wurster, a comprehensive and holistic anamnesis was carried out. Of course, my significant overweight was also a main topic. Mr. Wurster first recommended detoxification with alkaline fasting. My curiosity was piqued.

    I started gathering information about this method and was pleasantly surprised. After my first appointment on a Friday, I decided to start alkaline fasting from Monday. My partner spontaneously joined. The great thing was that we were always full with the alkaline foods. Within a few days I felt vital, fresh, was finally able to sleep through the night again and had lost 7.5 kilograms after one week and 12 kilograms after two weeks. My partner lost 7.5 kilos in two weeks.

    We will definitely continue and are absolutely convinced and thrilled.

    Alexander G. & Maria H. from Hammelburg

  • Questions about alkaline fasting
  • Important questions about alkaline fasting

    What is alkaline fasting anyway?

    The term is somewhat misleading. In contrast to fasting, alkaline fasting does not involve abstaining from solid food. Alkaline fasting is characterized by the fact that you can eat enough to eat without suffering any disadvantage. You eat 100% alkaline foods and avoid acidic and poorly alkaline foods. There are clear guidelines and little or no tolerance. This means the success of the treatment is more or less guaranteed.

    Alkaline fasting is ideal for initiating a purification treatment, detoxification, intestinal cleansing, elimination treatment for weight loss or a deacidification program.
    Who is alkaline fasting suitable for?

    Basically for everyone, especially because alkaline fasting is very safe and well tolerated and has few side effects and after-effects (e.g. JO-JO effect). Alkaline fasting is a great way to prevent autophagy
    (= self-regulation) and to optimize the microbiome (the total number of all microorganisms that live in the organism).

    Alkaline fasting is also an optimal support for relieving chronic pain and discomfort or treating them holistically.

    But also suitable for people with:

    • Bloating/bloated stomach
    • Chronic constipation
    • Skin problems
    • migraine
    • rheumatism
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • pain etc.



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In the middle of Germany

Bad Kissingen is centrally located in Germany. A wide range of sports, leisure and cultural activities as well as charming natural landscapes make our region extremely livable and lovable. Bad Kissingen is easy to reach by car as well as by public transport.




Kurhausstraße 28
97688 Bad Kissingen

Phone +49 971 7224-0info@laudensacks.de


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